Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tote bag and something I really need

Here is the tote bag I mentioned on my last post,
and here is what I really need:
a better camera than my little point and shoot,
a few photography classes wouldn't hurt either,
yeah! OK, many classes!
For a while I have been frustrated with my pictures,
I always wait for a good natural light,
I have some white boards to reflect the good natural light;
but the bottom line is:
there is so much a point and shoot can do,
and mine has done it!

Frustration vented, now back to the tote bag.
I really wanted a leather straps for a cleaner look,
but, oh boy!
that thing was hard to sew on the bag,
I sewn with waxed cotton cord, thinking: strong,
which made it even harder,
even though the leather already had punched holes,
next time I might try some rivets.
Anyway, was worth it, I do like how it turned out.

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