Thursday, May 30, 2013

Changing Gears

I do like the kind of shop that carries one item in several sizes
and a hundred different colors;
as soon as I opened my shop I realized mine wouldn't be one of them.
I need to change gears, if an activity starts to feel automatic to me, I have to change,
I need to click my refresh button!
Lately I have changed from sewing machine to hand sewing,
making hand-quilted mini quilts is kind of meditative, and that fits me well.
As the end result goes, I do love the texture and the little "imperfections",
the stitches are never gone be all the same size, the symmetry might be slightly off,
and that is what makes a piece so unique.
I will still use the same subdued colors, the same natural fiber fabrics,
but the technique will change from time to time, and that will keep me going!
Butterfly Mini Quilt by ALittleWorld

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