Monday, April 5, 2010


Hope you all had a great Easter.
We had a wonderful day, the weather was summer-like, we had some friends over, cooked a nice meal, ate more than enough chocolate, then walked it all off going down to the creek to play with the kids.
I used the bunnies on the picture, they are finger puppets, to decorate the dinning table, I am officially one of the biggest fans of thepurlbee, they always seem to come up with these quick and cute crafts, which for me is perfect for late evenings, when everyone is in bed and I can just relax with something easy and better yet, so adorable.
You will notice something missing on the bunnies, yeah, it looks like I didn't have enough relaxing time :)


  1. I love your colorful bunnies...even if they are missing their cotton tails!

  2. They look so happy and wonderful!