Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I love snow, but this is not funny anymore! Well, it makes everything worse being with a bad cold. I can only take pictures from my windows, and can't do much inside either because little one also has a bad cold, so all I do is taking care of us all and make sure we have nice homemade food to get us through this cold.

These are the only things I could accomplish in a week: another bug mobile and a pair of bunny slippers that didn't fit Mr. N. :(


  1. .. but those bunnyslippers are só sweet!..
    I'll sent you a mail soon!

  2. Thanks, I like them too, just wish they would fit :) Well, my fault, should have been more careful on the measurement!

  3. Parabéns pelo blogue tem alma e uns trabalhos LINDOS:)))

  4. when I see this picture...I SO NOT missing my old life back in the midwest hahahahahahaha :)...this is more like midwest winter than east coast winter :)..good think when I lived in MD nothing like this ever happened!!! :)...stay warm and keep crafting :) I looooove those little booties and the bug mobile...you're a very creative mommy :)

  5. love the hangin toys, i wanna have one when already have a baby...