Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NYC Taxi

I just finished another Organic pillow, the New York City Taxi.
This pillow is one of those custom orders that turned out so nice e so absolutely my style,
that I decided to make some more for my shop.
I have a love/dislike relationship with custom orders, I can not say love/hate, it would be way too strong.
A special order takes longer than any other work, most of the time takes several messages (during several days) back and forth just to make sure my design it's exactly what the customer is picturing on his/her head. On the other hand I love the interaction with my customers, and I love being pushed (a little) to make something different, and most of all I love knowing that a child will have something made specially for him/her.
Ah, I have to say, I also love to read those sweet messages, right after they receive their packages.
I guess I dislike custom orders just a tiny little bit :)

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