Monday, May 16, 2011

My work on NoVA Magazine!


About 2 months ago the Managing Editor of
Northern Virginia Magazine
contacted me about her interest on feature one of my pieces on
"What's on Our Radar this Month".
I got really excited, sometimes it gets a little difficult
to try and sell my own work, it's either that I am not sure
how to price it or don't know if people
are going to like it enough to buy it.
Seeing it on such a nice magazine, for me, is like:
"Keep going! You are doing a nice job!"
And that's exactly what I am doing,
now with even more energy and enthusiasm!


  1. You are not doing a nice job...You are doing an AMAZING WONDERFUL JOB! :)
    I finally figure out how to work this blog
    I have truly enjoy doing all this different props ideas here and there with you and YES continue doing what you do cause you are great at it :)

  2. Thanks Yami. I love working on all the nice ideas you have.