Saturday, January 15, 2011

My beloved little town

I left at 18,
but would go back every holiday,
as I moved further away,
longer it took
to go back for a visit,
I haven't been there
in 2 years...

As a teenager,
I loved to wake up early in the morning,
on my uncle's farm,
on top of a mountain,
and see the town covered in fog,
I would sit on the porch,
and watch it appears,
like in a fairy-tale,
little by little,
first the church tower,
the houses on the hill,
until I could see the whole
little town.

 The place I made friends for life;
memories, I hope never to forget;
where my family
still sleep under the fog,
but I am not there anymore,
to see them waking up.

Thanks Lelinho for the beautiful pictures.

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