Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mr. N's party

Soooo late with my posts.
A little over a month ago was Mr. N's 4th  Birthday,
he is so happy about being 4!
We had a little party, which simply means
we had cars and trucks and traffic signs everywhere.

Hmmm, we also had cupcakes and Brazilian treats!

Mr N. and I made all the decorations, this poster
is our version of a painting by Jill McDonald.
I wanted to include Mr. N,
so I decided to make, instead of buying one,
we then opt for a collage:
many days of crafting, a lot of cutting and glueing.

On a last minute thought I sewed these goodies bags
to match the buildings on the poster.


  1. ohhh Love them, goodie bags are awesome! have a lovely Christmas! xm

  2. What a busy city of a party for your 4 year old! Those building goodie bags are wonderful. What a happy child and mother : )

  3. Thanks Lisa, that's exactly the memory I want my son to have when he is a grown-up :)

  4. Thanks for having me on your blog roll! I love those bags!!